Characteristics Of Cosmetic Packaging

With the development of society, there are more and more packaging products in the market, and there are many kinds of cosmetics packaging forms in the market. The quality of plastic packaging and glass packaging is constantly improving.At present, glass, plastic and metal are the main cosmetic packaging container materials currently used, while paper boxes are often used as the outer packaging of cosmetics. The cosmetic market has increasingly high requirements on the appearance of packaging. Plastic is widely used because of its robustness and durability, while glass gives a noble appearance. Therefore, it is also a frequently used material for cosmetic packaging. The dazzling glass is very suitable for the packaging of perfume bottles, while plastic has won the competitive position of cosmetics packaging materials with its reasonable price and light quality.

The main containers of cosmetic packaging materials are generally plastic bottles, glass bottles, hoses, vacuum bottles. Plastic bottles are usually made of PP, PE, K, as, ABS, acrylic, pet, etc.
Generally, paste bottles, caps, stoppers, gaskets, pump heads and dust covers with thick walls are injection molded; PET blow bottles are two-step molded, tube embryos are injection molded, and finished products are packaged as blow bottles. Other latex bottles and washing bottles, such as thinner container walls.
For blowing bottles.PET material is environmental protection material, with high barrier, light weight, non shattering property, chemical resistance, strong transparency, which can be made into pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, transparent, and widely used in gel water loading. Bottle mouth – standard 16, 18, 22, 24 caliber, can be used with pump head.
Acrylic material is injection molding bottle, with poor chemical resistance. Generally, it can’t be directly filled with paste, and it needs to be equipped with liner to prevent filling from being too full, so as to prevent paste from entering between liner and acrylic bottle, so as to avoid cracking. During transportation, the packaging requirements are high, especially after scratches. It has high permeability and thick upper wall, but the price is quite expensive.
As. Abs: as has better transparency and toughness than ABS.

Post time: Nov-23-2022