Development Trend Of Daily Necessities Packaging

According to the report “by 2022, the analysis and outlook of the total packaging sales of daily necessities classified according to product packaging, types and uses” released by grand view research, with the increase of demand for basic skin care products in developing countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and UAE, the relevant packaging sales industry is booming. And added that consumers’ innovation and aesthetic requirements for product packaging are also important factors to promote the development of related industries.

The report points out that according to the classification of product packaging materials, the development space of plastic packaging market will expand. Because of its plasticity, low price and light weight, it keeps increasing in recent years. On the contrary, the metal packaging market will gradually shrink.
However, the report considers that by 2022, the most developed material for daily necessities packaging sales market is still bottled packaging. It involves the packaging of various kinds of products such as hairdressing, basic skin care, skin care and skin cleaning, with a considerable development trend.

Internationally, considering the protective, functional and decorative characteristics of daily chemical product packaging, the trend of international daily chemical product packaging today is to constantly introduce new concepts, attractive shapes and colors of outer packaging. Professional packaging design should be aimed at different consumer groups and different product categories. At the initial stage of packaging design, it should comprehensively consider the shape, color, material, label and other aspects of the packaging, connect all factors, pay attention to every detail of the product packaging, and always reflect the humanistic, fashionable and novel packaging concept, so as to have an impact on the final product.

In the future, the policy support for the daily chemical packaging industry will continue to increase, and the daily chemical packaging materials are developing in the direction of high barrier, multi-function, environmental adaptability, the adoption of new raw materials, new processes, new equipment, and the expansion of application fields.

Post time: Nov-23-2022